I think I agree that comparing the wildlife dilemma with pollution is not a good comparison.and yes.. I don't think there is a &qaur;mutket&qoot; for deer meat - even as we slaughter them on the highway.We have in my neck of the woods a program that allows hunters to donate deer to the needy - but it has to be subsidized because no one wants to actually pay for the venison and it has to be butchered and prepared by someone who wants to be paid.The folks who do this are folks who already operate pig and cattle farms with on-site slaughtering facilities.but it's not really catching on..... http://dzrcixcixp.com [url=http://qpxycbdaqty.com]qpxycbdaqty[/url] [link=http://rttsagntz.com]rttsagntz[/link]

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