Tom Marker is the host of Blues Breakers. It airs each Monday evening at nine:00 P.M. CST on WXRT FM in Chicago. Tom has hosted Blues Breakers for more than twenty  [[>]] five years. The display is one hour long. You can listen to it reside on-line. Tom features a blues artist every week. The display that just aired on Might sixteenth featured Taj Mahal. The following 7 days attributes Chicago legend Little Walter.  River North's premiere night spot, I highly suggest Rockit, worthy of a looksie for a enjoyable Chicago summer stop. The American cuisine is superb. Attempt the "Rockit Burger" chosen by Great Early morning America as "best burger." Inside, the inside design is distinctive with high ceilings and tons of all-natural touches. This location truly rocks. See what it's all about here.  El Capitan Theatre: The newly remodeled El Capitan Theatre is a should for all Disney fans. Here you  [[garth Brooks Tickets wi>]] can view the newest assortment of films from Disney studios. They have a handy calendar of occasions to allow you know the days when stars are scheduled to be there. The outdoors of the box workplace is superbly decorated with gold plating and trim all over the place with lots of gem depth. When new films premiere, the basement hosts a sequence of animation reveals to display how the film was made. It's best to buy tickets in advance because of to the long list of lines that wrap around the block. The pricing is not that costly as you can buy most tickets for $15-25. Also note that Jimmy Kimmel's studio is correct next door [[>]] . If you stay long sufficient you could catch him internet hosting his display.  Blues Breakers attributes each previous and new music. In his bio on the WXRT website, Tom is requested what his preferred type of music is. He states that Live Music is, and new music is his  [[>]] 2nd preferred. He likes listening to a song for the initial time. It's fantastic when he goes on to say that he enjoys to hear something old for the extremely first time. When he hears some thing for the first time it's new to him. The very best location to see a live display is in a small blues club. That's why he enjoys the blues.  As much as getting signed with a major record label, it's hard to get a offer anywhere. Occasions are changing, businesses are being much more conservative about signing bands. More and more bands are doing issues on their own to reduce out that cost.  Gordon Biersch Brewery Cafe in downtown San Jose (33 East Fernando [[Garth Brooks Tickets For 2016 Tour>]] Road) hosts their Oktoberfest Tapping Celebration from five p.m. to 7 p.m by releasing their latest seasonal Festbier, an amber lager with a slightly sweet toasted maltiness, balanced by the subtle spice of German Hersbrucker hops.  [[garth brooks tour earnings>]] Bogart's - Don't have a sweetheart to invest New Yr's with? Plenty of Fish has your [[garth Brooks tickets wichita>]] back. Some of the locals have posted in the website's discussion boards about a bash including reside songs, party favors and champagne! Sounds like it has the potential to be fairly a celebration.  [[Garth brooks concert 2016 tour dates>]][[garth brooks tour axs>]][[garth brooks tour kentucky>]][[garth brooks tour bb&t>]][[garth brooks tour jacksonville>]]

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