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123MoviesOnline? or 123Movies is a Vietnam based free movie streaming site which allows its users to watch and enjoy the movies, TV series, TV shows, and many others for free of cost.once its name also been changed to and many more names. 。ネ123Movies website is one of the worlds most popular illegal site。ノ these are not my words, these are the words described by the MPAA(Motion Picture Association Of America)


123Movies or some times it appears as 123movies had gone through several critical phases due to its illegal has been shut down from different domains for many times. Initially, the original name of 123movies and its URL is, later due to some reasons it had been changed to, from here it has changed to and then and it didn。ヌt stop there. After that, it was changed to – and at last, before shutdown, it remained with the name of

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